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Lover.  Huntress. Priestess. Photographer. Storyteller.  Tantric Yogini. Stylist. Oracle. Goddess Myths & Feminine Archetypes Teacher

Hi I am Tanisha and welcome to my mystical and magical world. I believe in the mystical, magickal and the power of myths. I also believe that there is a goddess yearning to break free in every woman and I strive to introduce the women I come into contact with to their archetype and the divine living within them with the hopes of helping these women liberate Her (the goddess within) and themselves which will in turn restore the divine feminine to its rightful place in the world. 

I am a certified traditional tantric yoga instructor, a tarot advisor, a budding witch (we are taking that word back), an oracle, a priestess, a stylist for 16 years, a photographer (I am great at introducing you to your beautiful and divine self through photography) and an avid storyteller. 

My hope is that you will find yourself reflecting in these pages and that you will learn something new that will help you embrace who you truly are. As I learn, I will share and what I already know, I will also share. Enjoy!

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The Power of Myth

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” – Joseph Campbell

I have been obsessed with mythology and story telling since I was a child. In fact I used to regale my family with tall tales and I often found myself on stage acting as a child. As I got older, I realized that I shaped my life through the myths I told the world about myself and I had a sort of an Aha moment. This is why I created The Aha Xperience podcast. Because I believe in the power of personal myth and  I wanted to create a platform where ordinary people told their stories of how they overcame extraordinary obstacles to create the lives they wanted. Most often they are women because women’s voices often missing from story telling. I am also expanding The Aha Xperience to include the retelling of goddess myths as it is my hope to help women in particular reconnect to the divine feminine and goddess within. Season 3 is coming soon but you can listen to past episodes here:

Fem Den